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Rubix International is a boutique professional services provider with clear strategic orientation on three interlinked areas of Hospitality Services, Real Estate Solutions and Corporate Services. We pride ourselves on offering bespoke solutions that cover specific aspects of a project from planning throughout realization to full business operations.
Rubix International’s strengths to deliver sustainable results which stem from our ability to accompany with clients to offer flexible and target oriented solutions for a specific project that are based on sound analysis of prevailing market conditions, internal circumstances, and client aspirations. Our project-based assignments have a clearly defined mandate to ensure successful execution of proposed change and sustainable results for the clients.


Rubix International’s business philosophy is based on four core characteristics:
FAST and efficient business execution based on excellent internal systems and processes to capitalize on market opportunities and outperform competitors.
FLEXIBLE business execution based on a network structure and adaptable teams to achieve cost-efficiency, agility, and alignment with market conditions.
FOCUSED on essential project and work aspects to achieve sustainable results and minimize business risk.
COOPERATIVE with reputable partners and functional specialists to ensure value creation and high-quality project execution.